Riad Luxe Marrakech

La visita de Marrakech (Guiada o a solas)

La visita de Marrakech en general y de su medina en particular es un viaje en el tiempo donde todas las nociones cambian. Es otra dimensión espacio-temporal. Es imposible que os quedéis indiferentes a los sonidos, colores, esencias y olores que se exhiben y despiertan sus sentidos. Los guías oficiales profesionales que colaboran con nosotros le ayudaran a descubrir los monumentos históricos, centros de intereses y todo lo que vale la pena visitar.

The Ourika Valley

A beautiful Berber valley where you will enjoy Berber, waterfalls, natural sceneries, and real Berber’s cuisine: Tagines and enjoy a mint tea and learn how all dishes are prepared on wood fire. Discover the natives (Berbers) and their handcrafts. A half-day excursion with minibus or taxi with private driver who will be at your entire disposal (Same price for 1,2 or people - on order ).

Essaouira Visit ( One day )

Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador is nestled along the Atlantic coast of Morocco.
Essaouira, rightfully called "the Well Designed" seems to have escaped the excesses of modernity and offers its visitors a breathtaking diving in the traditional Morocco, its market scenes immutable and a lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else.

This city of art music and history, including the famous medina plan perfectly geometric. Since 2001, Essaouira is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, it has about 70.000 souls, but each year attracts a much higher number of curious tourists from across the globe, especially in Europe.... Essaouira could go back to the seventh century BC Like many coastal cities in the region. The birth of Essaouira is attributed to the great people and the Phoenician sailor could as far back as the seventh century BC from this time, and throughout the existence of the Roman Empire....

Essaouira is also well known by the gnaouas and jazz fusion festival held every year in the summer time.

Paseos con Dromedarios

Descubre la palmera y sus alrededores montando dromedarios. La palmera está situada en el noreste de Marrakech con sus cientos de miles de palmeras, experimentará estas sensaciones fuertes de los hombres tuareg durante la travesía del desierto. Siente el agarre de sus dromedarios mientras que pasea montando estos animales dóciles y fascinantes.